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See Below for Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turn around time?
See below for our typical lead times for in-stock materials:

  • Screen Printing: 10-12 business days
  • Flexo Priting: 10-12 business days
  • Digital Printing: 10-12 business days
  • Membrane Switches: 15-20 business days
  • Converted Products: 10-12 business days
  • Samples/Prototypes: 5 business days
Do you offer First Article Inspection (FAI)?
We believe that quality and consistency is the most important part of purchasing your labels and nameplates. To ensure this quality and consistency throughout all of your parts, we offer our customers the option to have a First Article Inspection (FAI) sent out prior to their full production run.

The FAI will be manufactured as it would be during full production including art, dies, and other materials. This is not a prototype or sample, instead it is produced as a point of reference for all future production orders.

To see a sample of our First Article Inspection report, click below:Sample First Lot Approval Form
Do you have a stocking program?
Yes, SCN has the following stocking programs available for qualifying customers:

1. Blanket Purchase Order (BPO)

A blanket purchase order reduces the management and handling of repetitive purchases to save you time, labor, and money.

This program allows our customers to schedule orders and deliveries to meet their predetermined production agendas to better manage cash flow.

  • Schedule monthly or quarterly deliveries over 12 months
  • Benefit from discounted pricing
  • Minimize chances of costs changing with locked-in pricing
2. On Demand

Would you like to reduce lead times by having parts available in our inventory? Forecast your needs for the year and let us manage the inventory.

  • Lock your volume pricing with our 12-month stocking program
  • Guarantee your discount levels
  • Minimize fluctuating costs
Parts are available for immediate shipping.

Specifications for both programs:

  1. All orders are noncancelable
  2. Parts must be taken from stock in 12 months or less
  3. Customers must have a good credit history
  4. Eligible orders must be a minimum of $500 in value
  5. Minimum pulls from stock must be $150 in value
Do you have samples of Certificates of Conformance?
To see these samples, click below: