Cluster and Kit Machine Labeling

Cluster and Kit Machine Labeling

Easy and Dependable Labeling

The Right Label for The Right Machine, Every Time

If you produce machines, then you know how important it is to ensure the proper labels are on each machine.

  • Does your company produce machines that use specific labels for each one?
  • Are your machines often mislabeled?
  • Have you found that important labels are sometimes being left off of your product?

SCN offers two options, clusters and kits, for machine labeling to guarantee your products are securely labeled with the correct details.

Cluster Machine Labeling

  • Clusters are single sheets of labels, all of the same material, that are used on one machine
  • Each label is kiss cut to the liner for easy removal and will be orientated for optimal scrap reduction
  • Makes your production assembly lines more efficient since everything is on one sheet of material
  • Reduces initial set up costs for artwork and dies
  • Lowers the overall cost instead of purchasing each label individually

Kit Machine Labeling

Kitting has many of the same attributes as clusters, however, kits are not all the same material. We will produce each part of the label and then group and shrink wrap them together. Kitting ensures all your labels are correctly grouped and applied to the machine.