Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing

Colorful, Quick, Quality

Our Silk Screen Printing Process Is Both Efficient and Beautiful

At SCN, our silk screen printing process uses the best technology available for guaranteed quality results. We use UV cured inks that are significantly better for the environment as well as simplifies the cleanup process. This ultimately decreases turnaround times because we do not have to wait for one job to finish before starting the next, furthermore, this allows us to accommodate any size order.

SCN’s Silk Screen Printing Process

  • We do all ink matches in-house so you are never limited to “stock” colors
  • We have over 5 silkscreen presses that range from several single-color presses, a 5 color inline, to a 1 color auto sheet fed press
  • Each press is unique and can accommodate any variety of silkscreen produced parts

We also have established partnerships with key silkscreen supply companies so we remain informed and updated on any news or information regarding the screen industry. This ensures we are the first to respond to changes, implement advancements, and improve our services.