Flexographic Printing

Flexographic Printing

Large Orders, Substantial Efficiency

Innovative Solutions for Advanced Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is typically suited for producing high volume, low-cost labels and packaging. At SCN, we continually evaluate our processes to create innovative techniques to streamline production with the highest quality. Therefore, our flexographic printing, combined with our other technology and machinery ensures your product parts and order volumes, from a few unique parts to several million labels, are efficiently manufactured.

Flexographic Printing Details:

  • We have 3 flexo presses that range from 5-7 colors and up to 10” wide rolls.
  • We can serialize, print on both sides of the substrate, rolls to sheets, over laminate, UV print, and more.
  • We primarily use water-based inks for the flexographic printing process for easier cleanup and more affordable prices for customers.
  • We match our inks in-house so your options are not limited to “stocked” colors.