Our Certifications

Our Certifications

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SCN Certifications and Partnerships

ISO Certification

In 2012, SCN began changing our quality system to comply with the ISO 9001: 2008 standards. ISO registration is a well-known quality standard that is sought after by many industries, including aerospace, medical devices, military, appliances, etc. SCN found it necessary to adopt the ISO quality standard to back what we have already been creating for so many years- A top-notch, well designed, engineered and quality product.

Click the below link for a PDF version of our ISO Registration Certificate.

ISO Registration Certificate


In order to comply with the ISO quality system, we must document all steps of your parts so these processes can be duplicated every time the part is produced. We are audited twice each year by an independent company to prove we are following the ISO guidelines. This process helps us to ensure that every part that leaves our facilities matches your spec sheet perfectly.


To become a world-class supplier in product identification and converting raw materials into finished goods.


To achieve total customer satisfaction, we are continuously improving our processes to enable us to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


To manufacture top quality, custom-designed products in a timely and precise manner to be used by our worldwide customers. One source, from initial design to finished product, SCN Inc. is the choice for all product identification and converting needs.

UL Certification

SCN is your source for UL (Underwriter Laboratories) registered labels and nameplates. UL is an independent company that conducts product conformance and performance tests to make sure it meets the strict electrical standards of the US. If you are producing a part that is UL certified, you will also need UL certified labels or nameplates. SCN has the capability to supply you with many different combinations of UL registered materials (PGGU2), print the UL Mark (Type L Labels), and produce serialized UL parts (Type R Labels).

UL Certification

As a UL registered label manufacturer, we must hold strict guidelines, including conforming UL approved inks, substrates, adhesives, and various combinations. UL conducts several audits each year to assure that we are still maintaining our UL certification and we are producing parts for the end-user, which will maintain and adhere to their standards. Purchasing a UL registered label is an essential part of having your product UL certified because, without the label, no one can identify that your part has been UL approved.

3M Select Converter Partner

We are proud to be one of 3M’s select converter partners. By partnering with 3M, we combine their innovation with our converting expertise so we can provide our customers with top-quality, thorough, and highly engineered solutions for their products.

A converter utilizes the manufacturer’s raw materials and converts them into a label, nameplate, specialty die cut, gasket, spacer, or any combination of these. We can design innovative products that meet the very specific needs of our customers by utilizing several different components to create a final product.