Roll Labels

Roll Labels

The Label for All Your Products

The Preferred Roll Labels for
Products and Packaging

Roll labels make the label application a simple process through its universal, self-adhesive design and range of available options. Roll labels are used across industries and businesses to streamline the labeling process and are oftentimes used for consumable product labels or custom packaging labels. Our consumer product labels can be used by large companies running high-volume, auto label appliers, or small companies applying labels manually.

Benefits of Working with SCN:

  • No setup fees because of our Durst Tau 330 machine’s capability to print from digital files
  • No cutting die fees because of our Durst Tau 330 machine’s capability to automatically transfer printing jobs to our laser die cutter
  • Offer all 8 copy positions
  • Printed in 6 color process printing + white and HD mode
  • High quality, customized product labels
  • Turnaround time between 6 and 12 business days after art approval

Roll Label Details and Available Options:

  • Pressure-sensitive labels (self-adhesive)
  • Supplied as individual labels or rolls of labels
  • With or without laminate
  • Range of material including paper, polypropylene, polyester, vinyl, etc.
  • Copy position provided on 3-inch cores
  • Roll size up to a width of 13.5 inches and diameter of 18 inches

At SCN, we use our Durst Tau 330 machine, a high-speed digital printer with an integrated finishing component, to streamline the roll label production process. Our industry-leading machinery equips us with the technology to improve turnover time while lowering costs. The Durst Tau 330 machine has the ability to create custom product labels, from clear bottle labels to consumable goods packaging, using high-quality digital printing, including 6 color processing printing and HD mode. The finishing machine has the capability to laminate, laser die cut or semi-rotary die cut, and split individual pieces or rolls for a streamlined, automatic process. SCN’s roll labels are backed by innovation and precision.