From Flat to Fabulous

Customized Doming That Expands the Possibilities

Doming is the process of transforming a flat object to have a 3-dimensional appearance. Oftentimes, doming is used to create domed labels and nameplates for advanced brand customization and durability against scratching, peeling, and ultraviolet lights. Doming is a simple yet effective way to enhance your label to a memorable brand product.

At SCN, we can combine our doming services with other capabilities to offer elevated customized options. For example, by integrating doming with our 4cp digital printing we can add domed labeling to metal objects. Or using our laser die cutting, we can etch a custom logo or text on top of your domed labels.

Our doming services paired with our additional capabilities expand the possibilities for your custom project needs.

Doming Benefits and Capabilities:

  • Increases durability to protect from scratching, peeling, and ultraviolet lights
  • Can add domed labeling to many substrates, including polyester, vinyl, polycarbonate, metal, polypropylene, polystyrene, etc.
  • Capability to create micro domed labels for very small labels
  • Capability to create domed labels for nonsymmetrical objects

What is the Doming Process?

  • Mix a resin and a catalyst to create a mixed polyurethane resin
  • While in a clean room, very precisely dispense the resin onto the label
  • When poured, this mixture uses surface tension to flow to the edges of your kiss-cut or edge stop printed parts