Domed Labels

Domed Labels

Shiny and Durable

Domed Labels Bring Labels to a Whole New Level

Domed labels transform standard labels and nameplates into 3-dimensional, appealing, and long-lasting brand identifiers. The domed appearance is created by adding polyurethane resin on top of the label which enhances the design and customization of your label in order for your brand to stand out from the competition.

  • Increases durability to protect from scratching, peeling, and ultraviolet lights
  • Can add domed labeling to many substrates, including polyester, vinyl, polycarbonate, metal, polypropylene, polystyrene, etc.
  • Capability to create micro domed labels for very small labels
  • Capability to create domed labels for nonsymmetrical objects

By using SCN’s other capabilities, including 4cp digital printing, metal printing, or laser die cutting for custom etching, you can further customize your domed labels for unique branding.

How are domed labels created?

  • Mix a resin and a catalyst to create a mixed polyurethane resin
  • While in a clean room, very precisely dispense the resin onto the label
  • When poured, this mixture uses surface tension to flow to the edges of your kiss-cut or edge stop printed parts

How long do domed labels take to create?

The domes have a curing time of typically 8-12 hours, however, with SCN’s ingenuity, we have the capability to UV cure some of our domes if needed and they can be ready to ship in 2-3 hours. During the typical 8-12 hour cure time keeping the domes free of lint and other typical airborne objects is essential, therefore they must be created in a very clean room. Although because of our UV doming machine, this creates shorter lead times. It also has less scrap which equals lower costs and a better-looking product.