About Us

About Us

Family-Owned and Quality Driven

The Story Behind SCN

Southern Coating and Nameplate was established in 1970 and later Incorporated in 1972. After a successful career as one of the first 100 salespeople for Avery Dennison, our founder, Bob Osborne had a vision to open a printing company in the south to fill the need that was lacking in that area. Based on years of experience, industry expertise, and valuable passion, Bob founded SCN Printing Inc.

SCN first began its operations in a small 5,000 square foot warehouse in Jacksonville, Arkansas with its main focus being lithography printing. From there, Bob expanded SCN to North Little Rock, AR and significantly advanced SCN to include multiple new operations, printing techniques, and labeling choices.

Bob has now handed the reins over to his son, Mark Osborne. Mark’s drive to discover the newest technologies available in various industries keeps SCN on the cutting edge of today’s competitive labeling market. What started with a few employees shipping to local in-state businesses has now expanded to over 50 employees shipping all over the United States and 6 different countries.

Since the inception of SCN, we have prided ourselves on offering our customers high-quality parts, outstanding customer service, and one central location for all of their labeling needs, and at a competitive price. With our ever-expanding equipment inventory and progressing operations paired with our continued goal for quality, we strive for SCN to be your printing and manufacturing partner.

“A company that does more than just create a product or part, they deliver excellence in every conversation, recommendation, and detail.”