UID Labels

UID Labels

Unique Identification Labels for Your Unique Needs

Simple, Fast, and Compliant

SCN offers a broad range of Unique Identification UID labels and UID tags that meet the necessary requirements for your company’s needs.

Detail for UID labels:

  • Variety of materials including: Durable polyesters, polypropylenes, vinyl, and our most popular, MetalPhoto or photosensitive anodized aluminum
  • Different finishing options for MetalPhoto UID labels: Satin and matte
  • Thickness gauges ranging from .003″ to .125″
  • Ability to add color to MetalPhoto products using our UV flatbed digital printing press
  • Capabilities to produce up to a 20″ x 24″ product
  • Can add unique finishing qualities, such as adhesive, holes, round corners, stamped serial codes, extra colors, embossed images, etc.

The product will have the durability you need and the visual appearance you want! We supply UID labels and UID tags for any size orders.