From Simple to Complex

Customized Results From Experienced and Innovative Services

Our services are built on years of industry experience and continuous innovation. Each project offers excitement to prove our expertise or employ our ingenuity.

SCN helps at each step of your project development process. We assist with generating the initial product by offering guidance on the design and materials to ensure a durable yet appealing product.

The manufacturing of the different products is meticulously prepped and executed so each product is produced with high quality and fast turnarounds. We do not supplement speed for quality, instead, our advanced technology coupled with our comprehensive expertise allows SCN to manufacture the best at an accelerated pace.

Furthermore, SCN often combines our services for greater customization and optimal results. We work with our clients to understand the goals of their project, from straightforward labels to complex molding parts, to assess how each of our services can contribute to the final product.

Our Services

Distinguished Results for the Simple and Complex

At SCN, printing is our forte. Printed products are a critical component of your final product to uphold optimal visual appearance and long-lasting durability. We provide a variety of labeling processes to create the best products for your project’s needs.

We offer custom die cutting to ensure your designs are properly executed, no matter how complicated. Die cutting is a versatile cutting option that works with nearly all materials and can create seemingly any shape or pattern. With custom die cutting, specifically, our advanced laser die cutting services, we make your unique projects possible.

We have been developing labels, tags, and nameplates since the beginning. From a branded custom label design to an informative product label, we ensure each product is developed to meet your deadline and budget while upholding dependable quality.

Injection molding design is a dependable process for producing plastic parts based on precision and durability. It offers flexible manufacturing options while offering quick turnarounds and affordable options. Injection molding transforms simple plastic into an integral product component.

The doming process adds a 3-dimensional effect to products for prominent results, such as creating domed labels as recognizable branded assets. SCN innovative capabilities allow us to offer advanced doming services including etching custom designs on top of domed labels or doming on various materials.

As a machine manufacturer, you need to ensure your machines are securely and properly labeled. SCN offers cluster and kit labeling options to streamline your labeling process to guarantee all requirements are met.