Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels are labels, decals or stickers that utilize adhesive protected by a liner that adheres using pressure and dwell time to adhere to the final product.


SCN's combination labels can be anything imaginable from combining our injection molded process with a domed label or metal nameplate or having a metal nameplate that has an added area with a dome. We have the know how and creativity to combine many of our operations to make your products stand out!

Injection Molded

Injection molded parts utilize speciality tools or molds that are created to produce the product. These molds are filled with plastic resins and once they are dry they are completed and decorated with color(s).

Metal Nameplates

Metal Nameplates or Name Plates are product identification or warning tags that are produced with aluminum, steel or another metal substrate. SCN can print, emboss, deboss, form, serialize and many other options with your metal badges

Domed Labels

Domed labels are pressure sensitive labels that have a polyurethane resin applied to the top utilizing the natural surface energy of the labels, the result is a high quality, attractive eye catching label that will litterally stand out above a flat decal.

UID Labels

UID Labels or Unique Identifier labels are extremely durable labels that meet military requirements MIL-STD-130. They are made from various substrates with the most common being a photosenstive anodized aluminum.

Gaskets / Spacers

Gaskets and spacers are speciality materials that are die cut into a specific size and shape based on technical drawings that are utilized to create space, gasket or add to the functionality of a machine or product.

Graphic Overlays / Membrane Switches

Graphic overlays protect electrical switches or printed circuit boards which typically contain instructions, logos and displays for the products electrical components. Membrane switches are the guts of the operation, these are electrically conductive inks that are printed through circuits that allow low frequency electrical currents to pass through which operate push buttons, sensors etc.

Flyers / Brochures / Box Labels

Flyers, brochures, and box labels are typically produced on paper substrate with or without pressure sensitive adhesives depending on the application. They are produced using off-set printers and are typically only utilized for indoor processes.

NFC Labels / Tags

NFC Tags and Labels are tags or pressure sensitve labels that contain NFC capabilities. NFC or near field communication are low frequency waves that are transmitted through antennas and chips that communicate between two NFC capable devices.

Printed Grip Tape

Printed Grip Tape. SCN has developed a unique process to print on grip tape. We offer many grades of grip tape and can print your logo, a safety message or anything you'd like to portray on your material.