UL Certification

SCN is your source for UL (Underwriter Laboratories) registered labels and nameplates. UL is an independent company that conducts product conformance and performance tests to make sure it meets the strict electrical standards of the US. If you are producing a part that is UL certified, you will also need a UL certified label or nameplates. SCN has the capabilities to not only supply you with many different combinations of UL registered materials (PGGU2), but we also have the capability to print the UL Mark (Type L Labels) and produce serialized UL parts (Type R Labels).


As a UL registered label manufacturer, we must hold strict guidelines such as; conforming UL approved inks, substrates, adhesives, and combinations of them all. UL conducts several audits each year to assure that we are still maintaining our UL certification and we are producing parts for the end user, which will maintain and adhere to their standards. Purchasing a UL registered label an essential part of having your product UL certified. Without the label, no one can identify that your part has been UL approved.

To find out more about our UL approval and information about UL approved labels, please visit our contact us page