Metal Nameplates / Badges


The forming of metal products requires specialty tooling (typically of hardened steel) and die presses that isolate hundreds of tons of pressure per square inch. Forming metal is exactly what it sounds like, you force the metal between a forming die that forms the metal into any desired shape, depth style etc. We have over 6 die presses with these capabilities with a wide range of tonnages. Formed metal parts might be used to cover a housing or just for beautification purposes, either way, it is a technique and skilled trade that SCN has to offer.


Embossing of metal parts can be accomplished several ways utilizing magnesium dies, hardened tools or specialty prototype/small run dies that SCN makes at our facility. The process of embossing is similar to forming in that you are force the metal between a male and female die that embosses a certain desired area upward into the shape of your die (typically your logo). Utilizing embossing with your metal parts can really enhance the look of your product and give you the “pop” that you want!


Debossing is essentially the same process as embossing except instead of the metal being forced upward, it is forced downward which gives a “relief” look.


Stamping metal parts is very similar to embossing and debossing however with stamping, you are only utilizing a male die. The process is the same, however typically stamping dies are utilized in heavier gauge products where you want the back of your part to remain flat, but want a forever lasting “stamp” embedded into your product.

Specialty Die Cuts and Punches

Die cutting metals can be achieved with both steel rule dies and hardened tools. Both give you a crisp clean cut edge however steel rule dies are typically utilized for smaller gauge aluminums and shorter production runs, while hardened steel dies are utilized for high production runs with tight tolerances because of the extra costs associated with them. We can die cut and punch thicknesses ranging from .005-.125 aluminums. Die cuts and punches can be made to essentially any design you would like so you are limitless in your designs.


The serialization of metal takes specialty dies and equipment. SCN offers several variations including printed, stamped and etched alpha and numeric characters. We can provide you with any combination of these that suit the needs of your product.


To find out more about many of the processes we can produce using metal products or any other products we can manufacture, please visit our contact us page.