Domed Labels / Tags

SCN has many options to choose from when designing and customizing your label or nameplate. One of these options is to take your flat pressure sensitive label and give it a 3 dimensional look by adding our polyurethane resin to the top. This not only enhances the appearance of the decal but it also increases it's durability to scratching, peeling and ultra violet lights. This will make your product stand out above your competition and make your product more memorable to the clientele. SCN has the capabilities to dome on many substrates and the ideas to give your product a more unique look or application over our competition. Some of these substrates include; polyester, vinyl, polycarbonate, metal, polypropylene, polystyrene etc. We also can micro dome (very small labels) and dome non symmetrical objects with our machine that utilizes both x and y axis. With combining some of our other capabilities including: 4cp digital printing, our ability to print on metals, or our laser die cutting which can etch a custom logo or text on top of the dome, this is what makes SCN your top choice when providing you with what you need, what you are looking for, and what you have yet to envision.

The doming process involves the mixing of a resin and a catalyst to create a mixed polyurethane resin that uses surfaces tensions to flow to the edges of your kiss-cut or edge stop printed parts. The typical process involves utilizing clean rooms and flawless precise dispensing of the resin. The domes have a curing time of typically 8-12 hours, however with SCN's ingenuity, we have the capability to UV cure some of our domes if needed and they can be ready to ship in 2-3 hours. During the typical 8-12 hour cure time keeping the domes free of lint and other typical airborne objects is essential. Because of our UV doming machine, this creates shorter lead times, less scrap which equals lower costs and a better looking product.


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