Die Cut Grip Tape: A New Way of Branding Industrial Machinery

Printing technology has significantly evolved over the years now offering new and innovative products that spread brand awareness wherever your industrial machinery and equipment are used. Manufacturers of machinery, for every type of industrial setting, are accustomed to the branding benefits of labels, stickers, and metal nameplates. Now, you can build your brand with printed grip tape featuring your full-color logo or important safety messages

Printed Grip Tape


Anti-slip tape, or traction tape, serves an important function in industries where safety is paramount. Operating and working around heavy equipment requires training, skill, and careful management to assure employees are safe and liability is minimized. Strategically placed industrial grip tape means a sure-footed step up to operator platforms, driver’s cabin, cargo beds, and control mechanisms. This new method of printing colorful logos or key safety messages directly on industrial grip tape heightens operator awareness and adds value to your business environment.

Types of Industries

Grip tape is a safety necessity for industries of all ranges, including aerospace, automotive, construction, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, residential, commercial property management, etc. Wherever industrial equipment is used, industrial grip tape is needed.

SCN allows you to use this standard product to escalate your company. Adding your logo or company name on anti-slip tape builds a positive link between safety and your company image, and with daily repetitive exposure. Over time, employees, at all levels, will notice your company’s name and logo wherever your equipment is used, therefore generating countless additional impressions for your brand.

Types of Equipment


Logo printed anti-slip, safety, or grip tape is ideal for a wide range of products in a variety of industrial settings. From offering protection for workers operating heavy equipment to providing indoor safety, industrial grip tape not only safeguards individuals but offers the ability to spread brand awareness using a positive and helpful approach.

Some examples from industries we serve include:

  • Trailers – for hauling light or heavy equipment
  • Auto haulers
  • Oil field equipment
  • Construction equipment – bulldozers, cranes, backhoes, bobcats, and other tractors of all sizes
  • Agricultural use – tractors, combine harvesters, trucks
  • Haulers for cargo, trash, motorcycles, and more
  • Trucks and flatbeds
  • Industrial and truck ladders
  • Warehouse operations – forklift trucks, sweepers and scrubbers, scissor lifts, electric cart vehicles, tow tractors, side loaders, and cherry pickers
  • Hospital and medical facilities
  • Exercise equipment used in fitness centers, like treadmills, ellipticals, or stepping machines.

With the added safety of just the right grade of grip tape, you can help your customers, clients, and employees avoid hazards when stepping on or gripping machinery. Your high-quality logo imprint heightens visibility at the point of contact while spreading your positive image.

Advantages of Digital Die Cutting

As a highly specialized vendor, SCN utilizes a state-of-the-art laser die cutting machine that vaporizes the material, eliminating the need for hand cutting. The result achieves very precise, “tool-less” cuts that out-perform older die cutting methods, with capabilities for kiss cuts, through cuts, perforation, consecutive numbering, and more. The laser die cutting method can handle printing on roll-to-roll stock for flexography and digital, or sheet stock for silkscreen and digital. We use a specially formulated ink that penetrates the textured surface for optimal visual and lasting results. In addition, we maintain a stable of vendors to supply industrial grip tape and all related materials in a full range of grades and different types of adhesives.

The advantages of laser die cutting include:

  • Greatly reduces turnaround time as the process is 80% faster than traditional die cutting
  • Lowers costs due to eliminating die charges and decreasing maintenance charges
  • Allows for the creation of complex die cut geometries, whether for small or large-scale quantities and with various trim sizes and colors.

Before final production, customers can request prototypes or sampling without incurring initial set-up fees in order to see the screen or flexographic printing samples or digital printing samples that reflect the item’s final look. The result is a superior product with a faster turnaround.

A Reliable Product

When safety is involved, you need to rely on the long-lasting, durable quality of a product, such as industrial grip tape. The fundamental guarantee of quality comes from choosing the right supplier. SCN Inc. has a nearly 50-year history in the printing and labeling industry. Building on that knowledge and experience has led us to develop innovative products that take advantage of the newest technologies. Recently, we acquired a laser die cutter, among other high-tech equipment, which added the capability of die cut grip tape that combines marketing and branding with safety and durability.

Why Branding Matters

If you’re not taking every opportunity to build your brand, you’re missing an important part of marketing your business. It matters because your brand is your company’s identity. It telegraphs a message to customers that should tie together all your strengths, such as innovative quality products, reliable delivery, superior customer service, and an overall unique personality. If you’ve branded every point of a customer’s contact with your logo and consistently applied the company mission and values, you’ll be rewarded with customer loyalty, frequent reorders, and one of the best guarantees of success, positive word-of-mouth.