Screen Printing is a time tested and durable print method

November 06, 2014 at 2:15 PM


Silkscreen or screen printing is used for many types of products

The process of screen printing can be traced back to China as far as 960 AD. Surprisingly not a whole lot has changed.   

Commonly printed items using the screen print process are window or retail decals, domed labels, graphic overlays for panels, nameplates, floor decals, marketing displays, posters, signs, stickers and printing on metal parts.  There is almost no end to the materials or substrates to be printed on and the finishing of the items by laminating, cutting, etc.  Screen printing is a durable method for those labels, stickers and plates that are exposed to the elements.

Taking the time to discuss your project and outcomes allows us the opportunity to share our knowledge of the industry, substrates, processes and capability options for your part, label or end product.    We are not afraid to boast about saving you time, money and headaches with our solutions.

Sometimes our customers come with requested materials or production methods in mind we like to give you options

One area to explore may be screen or silkscreen printing vs digital printing.  Digital printing is generally recommended for projects requiring a high amount of detail within the image or print. Screen printing can produce more vibrant colors and apply thicker layers of ink.

You may have a brand new project or perhaps you are trying to match colors on old project in order to place an order for the new products – our spectrophotometer will make those color matches without finding the specs from the original project run. 

Screenprinting will produce your project with consistent ink quality and short prep and production times.  We can easily do small batches and print on many materials.

Beauty plates, nameplates, UID labels, serial tags and warning labels are common projects for SCN using screen printing.    We have 5 different presses with differing capabilities.  Would you like to know a bit more?  Visit our webpage on screen printing or give us a call.  

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