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November 18, 2014 at 11:21 AM

Industrial nameplates are not the same as office nameplates

Industrial strength nameplates are required to hold up in harsh operating environments so they need to be durable and weather resistant.  These plates can be significantly different than those used in office environments.


Match your nameplate design to your needs

Nameplates are used on many products to designate the manufacturer, the brand, and/or the product name, as well as operational or specifications properties of the product  They may be placed on a product for decorative value, for placement of product information (e.g. serial code), or for approval/recognition (e.g. an endorsement by a governing body). When strategically placed on a product, nameplates often extend the impact of a logo or brand and heighten the connection to the value of the product.  

The properties of the name plates that vary from application to application including: materials used, thickness required, backing or adhesive desired, UL and CSA requirements, serialization needs and military or government standards to meet.

Nameplates differ from labels in that they are usually designed for long term product marking. They are usually under printed on some sort of transparent material with an industrial grade adhesive or mechanical attachment.

Modern manufacturing processes allow for diverse styles of nameplate design. Nameplates can be two- or three-dimensional; made of various metals or injection-molded plastic - all customizable. Additional design features and production techniques common to nameplate manufacturing include embossing, etching and doming.

Nameplates can be mounted to the product that they are labeling by rivets, screws, or adhesive.

Barcodes and QR codes are often photographically reproduced used on nameplates.  Variable data, 2D data matrix, UID and QR codes offer interface data for supporting technologies within specific industries or to meet operational requirements. Stylized type, color, logos and other designs can be integrated to make the nameplates unique.

Securing prototypes of name plates can be important in the R&D process to design the right kind and correct style of plate with the best blend of options available to meet the projects requirements.  Requesting prototypes can greatly assist with the design and development process of the final product needs.

At SCN Inc. we’ve had 40 years of experience in working with manufacturers, designers and marketers to determine the options and solutions that are right for your labeling needs.  Give us a call on your nameplate project and we’ll meet your custom needs with quality and expertise.

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