Metalphoto - A permanent solution for UID, nameplate or data plate identification

March 31, 2014 at 11:06 AM

In search of right solution for labeling and branding your equipment or project? 

Metalphoto could well be the answer.  

Traditionally known for its use for Department of Defense items that are high valued and require track ability, UIDs – unique identification tags or labels, are spec’d by many military, government and chemical purchase contracts.  However, there are many uses and industries for universal identification tags and the Metalphoto technology – automotive and heavy equipment, medical, mining, aircraft but also for architectural signage and the metal plate that is applied to awards and plaques. 

The aluminum plate is a photosensitive anodized aluminum that is a permanent solution for data that may show model and part numbers, serialization information or even location or naming information and art. Often bar codes or QR codes are also embedded into the aluminum substrate for permanent identification for asset tracking, inventory management or where environments call for a robust “forever nameplate or label”.

The Metalphoto process offers a permanent labeling solution that holds up to weather, cleaning, abrasion and exposure and time.

The typical plates are silver and black.  SCN can produce your project in many colors, add embossed image and finish to your desired specs (application adhesives, holes, rounded corners, etc.)

Sourcing a new data plate option

For an alternative to acid etched metal nameplates one of our customers came to us seeking a new source for better, more durable and environmentally friendly product.

The nameplate or UID needed to survive under extreme temperatures, salt water spray and abrasion resistance.  After more discussion we proposed Metalphoto as the solution.

The durability is extreme (see below) and the pricing was actually less than their previous acid etched solution. We were able to provide them a more durable, cost conscious and environmentally friendly product.



This is what they had to say about their new product and relationship with SCN, “SCN allowed us to meet our environmental objectives without losing or lacking quality or durability. We have switched all 6 of our components to SCN’s Metalphoto process.”

Are you looking for permanent identification or display options that sound like Metalphoto is an option?  Contact us to discuss your options.

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