Manufacturing Certifications are for the Manufacturer, Customer and Customer’s Customer

May 14, 2014 at 3:08 PM

Sometimes quality management systems make the company and sometimes quality management precedes the systems.  According to Scott Adams, Vice President of SCN Inc., “Southern Coating and Nameplate had very robust quality systems in place.  What ISO  9001:2008 did for us was inject quality with even more consistency.”

ISO 9001:2008 Helps SCN Demonstrate Consistency

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization.  Many, many hours are poured into the certification process and subsequent audit process to maintain the certificate holding.  Conformity and consistency comes from rigorous process documentation and adherence to standards.  This process is not for the light-hearted.  The investment of resources; time, money and labor is quite intense.  The pay-off is even more satisfied customers. 

It’s not common for a converter, like SCN Inc. to undertake ISO certification.  If you consider the nature our business, the complexities of the orders, the number of possible inks, substrates andiso_certificate_for_scn_inc.png -- there are limitless methods and processes (silk screening, laminating, embossing)  to document and inspect throughout the life of an order.  Much of SCN’s business is custom.  Reorders can easily be spaced a year or more apart.   We can assure that new product shipments will be consistent to the nth detail with the previous order – less forgetting, no overlooking – it’s all in the process documentation.

While each and every customer benefits from quality and consistency - aerospace and medical device companies, the precision required for spacers and gaskets and when color and size specification are of utmost importance – the ISO quality management system produces consistently dependable results.

According to Adams, “We took a sound manufacturing plant with great standards just another notch higher with ISO certification.”  Material consistencies, reduction of errors and continuous assessment and improvement have removed the small ways a finished product could go wrong.  Customers can expect on-time deliveries with little need for product returns and more time for service opportunities.

First article inspections and certificates of compliance are all in a day’s work.  We sign off on each process and step, technician and manager alike.  

Our UL Certification Helps You Demonstrate Your Product Quality

UL Certification, both Type R and Type L is a certification that SCN carries as well.  Your UL Listed product is required to have UL Certified mark or identification.  Able to withstand peel tests and shear tests, indoor and outdoor use,  fire and  sparks your electrical equipment, battery, bulb or machinery UL label carries branding and safety information.

Adams summarizes his overall thoughts on the importance of certifications for the manner in which SCN Inc. does business, “Investing in certification shows our commitment to our customers and the importance that their name and the quality reputation they are presenting their customers.  The expense and effort are well worth it.”

Let's talk about what our certifications can do for you.

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