Technologies made possible by NFC and RFID

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RFID vs. NFC: What

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NFC Defined

Near field communications (NFC) is part of the RFID, radio frequency identification, family of technology. RFID requires a tag, a reader and antenna. RFID can be its own power source or a passive tag.  NFC is high frequency data exchange and devices can be used as a readers or passive tags.  In essence, NFC devices can talk to each other.

NFC has typical and expected applications like controlled access and entry, cashless payment transfers and ticketing for trains, buses, etc.

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Productivity improvement at a vineyard by easing record keeping for compensating manual labor for produce harvests is just one practical application.  Shipping produce with NFC tags for collection of data regarding length of transit time, storage temperatures and assistance with inventory management for produce managers is another way NFC can help those in the produce business.

Consumers can easily access product information through the transfer of recipes, nutritional information and coupons from point-of-sale display to their phone.  This makes trips to the grocery store a high-tech experience that provides additional value to shoppers.

Improved patient care and better monitoring of medications and patient accuracy is another area of opportunity proving very valuable.  Passive tags are attached to the medicine, wristband of a patient and dispensing nurse.

Marketing, branding and event management can be taken up a notch with wrist bands that interface with social media accounts, drawings and payment systems.  Coupons, offers and videos can be delivered immediately to phones of participants. Geo-location tags allow customers to discover other local events, friends nearby and special discounts and offers.

Asset tracking, inventory, maintenance records improve productivity and accuracy allowing for businesses to bring more profitability to the bottom line.

Emerging applications are being driven by the inclusion of a NFC tag in most mobile phones.  Travelling with our phones has become a habit for many of us and an opportunity for marketing and customer loyalty incentives

The recently announced Apple Pay technology depends on NFC capabilities.  Payment information will be passed via a token or coded message that does not store card, PIN or personal information that may be intercepted – thus offering a more secure transaction for merchant and card holders.

Detailed, real-time information is a benefit to consumers and businesses and NFC technology is poised to capture center stage.

We have previously written about a practical application of NFC technology by a manufacturer of gym equipment.

Are you interested in exploring the options for your next project?  NFC could be right for you.

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