How to compare quality doming label products

July 14, 2014 at 1:28 PM

Doming labels are chosen for decals on autos and motorcycles, brand labels for appliances and equipment, even fabric applications.  The unique nature of dome labels makes them perfect for many uses.

Doming labels are chemical and abrasion resistant.  They can be used for interior or exterior labelling needs and they add a 3D appearance to your tag with a clear puff-like coating. Applied as a liquid coating over your label and allowed to cure, these labels are extremely durable.

Squares, circles, ovals and custom shapes are perfectly suited to the raised dome tag.

Your brand image should be represented with a quality labeling product.  Saving a bit of money when your reputation is on-the-line might not be wise.  Ask questions when getting quotes and be sure to compare vendors that will manufacture the best label for your dollar.  Below we have the considerations to keep in mind.

So what should you look for in a quality product?

It is important to have a quality adhesive, label and dome coating for the best quality doming label or tag.  If any of the layers scrimp on quality the likelihood of the label failing by peeling, clouding, shrinking, etc. increases.



Adhesive should be robust

Domed labels with their 3D coating require a stronger adhesive to maintain their hold.  A standard adhesive will not be acceptable but is often used by many manufacturers.  Make sure to explain your expectations and use of your label for the proper adhesive to be identified. 

The substrate possibilities are endless

Polystyrene, polypropylene, metal, polycarbonate, polyester, and vinyl are popular substrates.  Again, working with a manufacturer that considers your needs will help you narrow down the options that are best for your project. 

All coatings are not created equal

You want a polymer coating that won’t shrink or harden.  Yellowing and clouding are not representative of a quality coating either.  Make sure the coating is not an epoxy but instead a UV resistant , ECO friendly, polyurethane resin.  Lower priced doming labels most likely use epoxies.  You will not be satisfied with the results you get from this type of coating.

A quality doming tag will be produced when the polyurethane coating has been given proper time to cure, approximately 12 hours and results in label coating that is uniform in thickness across the label. In a hurry for delivery – we have a UV curing process that can speed the curing time to as little as 2-3 hours.


A consistent and uniform domed label will have the correct amount of coating so it doesn’t stop short of the edge or overflow under the label material.

It should go without saying the coating should be clear and bubble free.  This requires a clean room, lint free.  Precision dispensing of resin produces a perfect label.

Professional -looking, fun and built to last, consider a doming label for your next project.

The best way to begin researching your domed label project is by giving us a call and let’s start exploring the options you have.  

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