A healthy dose of laser die cutting – just what the doctor ordered

October 20, 2014 at 1:08 PM


Laser die cutting capabilities are precise and produced in an ultra-clean environment

Our capabilities with laser die cutting equipment can add to your project or converted product.  Digital die cutting or tool-less die cutting with a laser is accomplished with our state of the art technology from Spartanics.  

There is no need for dies to punch out the finished products – we use a highly accurate laser beam to burn its way through varying substrates or materials such as, acrylic, wood, aluminum, or metal with the use of heat. Without a die, there are no die charges, saving you money.  The artwork is less complicated, we can provide quick turnaround and prototypes for sampling are just a few of the benefits of laser die cutting.

A recent project involved a new application opportunity for us and a successful result for our customer.

Melinex film diffusers 

DuPont’s Melinex® polyester film was laser cut in to precise shapes, with no edge burring, to be used as diffusers in dialyzer units for blood dialysis. Melinex is a high clarity polyester film suited to die cutting.   

Blood is filtered using a dialyzer and dialysis machine in the process of hemodialysis for the treatment of kidney failure.

During a hemodialysis session, blood flows through a specialized filter inside the machine, the diffuser. The diffuser or filter removes wastes and extra fluids from the blood, yet maintains the proper balance of minerals. Once cleaned, the blood is returned to the body.  Essentially the filtering process performs as a kidney.

The diffuser functions essentially the same as a membrane within the kidney.  The semipermeable membrane prevents waste substances from re-entering the blood stream.

Ideal materials along with the proper clean process (there is no contact to the materials with the laser cutting process) and precision laser die cutting ability made this a successful project for the customer and SCN.  Laser cutting is appropriate for many types of medical components.  When precision, performance and cost are concerns we can deliver with substrates and materials, process and capabilities to give you the project results you are looking for.

Got some ideas you need to kick around?  Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss them.

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