Graphic overlays and membrane switches – options galore!

March 13, 2014 at 10:18 AM

Graphic overlays protect electrical switches or printed circuit boards.  The graphic overlay can be an important design difference for the product. Not only does the graphic overlay provide a protective service for the membrane switch it also can hold the branding and logos, user instructions and display product differentiation between manufacturers with like product.

Many industries and sectors use overlays and membrane switches for their B2B and B2C products.  Graphic overlays are ideal for medical, automotive, industrial equipment and machinery, OEM electronics, control panels, and more. Graphic overlay and membrane switch applications can include touchpads, membrane keypads and control faceplates or panels.

If you’ve been trying to source a new supplier with capabilities to bring new options and more durable parts for your products, SCN can do all that and more.  Below is just some of the flexibility and options within the overlay and switch arena:

  • Design and functionality options for holes and openings or windows that can be cut to accommodate LEDs, plugs, pins, actuators, connectors, push buttons, etc.
  • Depending upon overlay use, die cut overlays can be printed on a wide variety of substrates with a variety of textures, including polycarbonate, polyester, PVC, aluminum, vinyl and several other materials.  Embossing and debossing adds more interest.
  • These products typically need to be abrasion, UV, temperature, weather and chemical resistant. The right substrate can address your requirements for crack resistance, durability and environmental friendliness. 

Sourcing a new supplier for special project needs on a custom graphic overlay

When their current source could not meet their needs we had the opportunity to work on this nice graphic overlay and membrane switch project. Their objective was to have an overlay that had clear holes for LED lighting to shine through, but at the same time, have the rest of the overlay entirely opaque.

We were able to offer a couple of solutions. They decided on the utilization a specialized film that blocks all light from shining through.

We laser die cut this film with the specialized openings for the LED lights, applied it to the polycarbonate overlay utilizing specialized printed targets for registration purposes and solved their problem.  Often tolerances are tight and overlay cut-outs need to fit exactly – die cutting can produce a great result.

A graphic overlay and membrane switch from one supplier

Success: An overlay that is aesthetically pleasing, budget friendly and provides the purpose they

Overlay_and_Membrane_Switch.jpgneeded. We have since taken this overlay and combined their membrane switch to offer them a complete part purchased from one supplier that match perfectly.

Our experience, depth of product availability through our suppliers and wealth of product knowledge are ideal for your custom graphic overlay and membrane switch needs

Let’s discuss your specifications and needs for your next Graphic Overlay and Membrane Switch project.  We can offer consultation and design.  Please visit our contact us page.

  Polycarbonate overlay with attached membrane switch and tail

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