Granting vendor loyalty begins with a great customer experience

July 31, 2014 at 9:55 AM


Growing competitive manufacturing markets make it essential that companies are not only reaching new customers but area also retaining their current ones.  

The need for customer loyalty has grown. We all want an ever growing base of loyal customers. There is always the cheaper option, the foreign option and perhaps the option that solves the problem or opportunity the quickest.

5 touch points of loyalty

Customers will remain loyal as customers if certain criteria are met:

  • Quality Service throughout the purchase process
  • Quality Products that arrive on time
  • Fair Pricing for quality products and services
  • Delivery on promises made that offer transparent and expected results
  • Staying in Touch after the sale to confirm satisfaction and offer assistance for new projects

Customer loyalty becomes product-specific when the customer reorders the same product or same few products again. Brand loyalty is garnered when you find a trusty vendor that you are willing to give multiple products to.

Manufacturers should not confuse customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. A happy customer becomes a loyal customer when the ideal relationship is cultivated. Loyalty can be a tricky balance of offering enough value to keep the customer from searching for new sourcing vendors.

The search for new vendors or new sourcing

As a sourcing or purchasing agent, finding vendors to give your loyalty to reduces your negotiations and streamlines the purchasing process. Your trusted manufacturer can be relied on for a consistent experience.

A manufacturer that desires loyal sourcing agents will address the issues that cause defection to a new manufacturer:

· Dissatisfaction – in general or often with communication
· Lack of product offering
· Need for higher quality
· The necessity for lower pricing as a determinant
· New vendors enter the market

Give customer loyalty to the manufacturer willing to go the extra mile

The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar is bound to succeed. – Henry Ford

You know you have a great relationship worthy of your loyalty if the manufacturer:

· Communicates often, follow-ups and keeps promises made
· Can meet multiple needs for your product sourcing with their multiple offerings
· Uses quality systems for product and process consistency
· Works to protect your fairest price per unit by managing scenarios that could incur additional costs like; late shipping, lengthened manufacturing process and timing, unacceptable quality controls, etc.
· Keeps in touch with your changing needs and priorities and demonstrates appreciation for your business

Does your manufacturer make your job easier?

You need to find ways; save time, responsibly reduce material waste, get product consistency, on time delivery, depend on efficient and effective supply chains, innovation and get knowledgeable support.

SCN understands these priorities and strives each day to cultivate the best relationship with all decision makers and stake holders throughout your order and to earn your loyalty.

We asked our VP, Scott Adams the following question: Without giving away the SCN 'secret sauce', please share one method that SCN Inc. uses to retain its customers and promote customer loyalty?

Scott's answer: Constant communication whether it be about the order you've placed, how is the weather or how is your family? Building relationships are sometimes lost in today's high tech communication world but it is a very important key in customer loyalty.

Each and every customer, purchasing agent, engineer and prospect is important to us – please allow the opportunity to demonstrate our view of customer loyalty and demonstrate how we can make your job easier. Let's talk about your next project.

Are you already a satisfied and loyal SCN customer?  Please leave a comment below on your experience.

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