Extra Effort is What Customer Service at SCN is All About

May 27, 2014 at 9:36 AM

At SCN every one of us in the customer service business - whether it’s in our job title or not.  Our attitude toward the importance of quality care of our customers comes from a collective 409 Customer_service.jpgyears of experience taking care of customers and their needs!

SCN Considers Customer Care – Job #1

In an environment of choices of supply chain partners we know that pricing, quality, certifications, delivery time and a job well done are important.  Each manufacturer answers to these same factors – differentiation and preferred venders rise above their competitors by mastering these considerations.  Earlier in the month we talked about our certifications and quality. {link}  Today, we are highlighting the customer experience at SCN.

We are Honored to Have Our Customers Care About Us

When recent storms swept through the Midwest, Cyndy in Customer Service received a call from a customer to check on her safety.  Cyndy said, “That makes me really feel like the SCN family goes beyond the company walls and includes customers too”.  Jennifer says it not at all uncommon to get to know customers so well that they take an interest in our personal lives. “It’s a great feeling.”

It natural to want to do business with those that we know, like and trust.  Business- to-business interactions are frequently termed transactions but the customer service staff at SCN wants all customers to know that they value the daily inter-actions with their customers.

It’s not too hard give quality customer care when co-workers value each other, the company they represent and the customers themselves.  SCN is proud to be recognized often for quality customer care.  That care comes from standards like quick response all throughout the order process all the way through the follow-up service after product delivery.

Customer Service Committment

Our SCN Customer Service team is committed to order entry expertise and answering shipping, tracking and delivery questions.  They pride themselves on a job well done when they resolve issues quickly and to the satisfaction of the customer.  Each team member strives for those personal connections and the recognizing the importance of every order, no matter the size.  

Team members welcome questions, but be prepared to be asked many questions as well.  A quality product with no mistakes means there are many details to document for the rest of the SCN team to deliver quality product to go along with that quality service.      

It’s easy to see why our team is motivated to support our customers because they are quick with praise to make it easy to want to be your best.  Sue is proud of the job she does at SCN, Inc.  “And when a customer that tells me I am awesome, that I always have her back and that I keep her straight. That makes me proud of the job I do.” 

So what comes first?  It’s a bit of the chicken and the egg dilemma.  Does good customer service produce great customers or do great customers inspire awesome customer service?  We are so honored to have both – we are leaving that debate for another day.  We appreciate both our customers and our staff that supports their needs. 

Doing business with SCN means you can expect quality work from caring people – our goal is to make your job easier.

Do you have a question we can help with?  Don’t hesitate to call – 1-800-430-4554.


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