Custom vs Standard or Stock Parts and Design

August 13, 2014 at 4:03 PM

With more choices practically every day, engineers have lots of options during the specification of components.  

About 90% of the time decisions are made to use standard available components over a wide range of applications. Custom components however can be designed and built for a precision fit, application or use.  Custom components offer limitless ability to combine materials, shapes, sizes and design for that wow factor or perhaps the custom component will save time, money and labor in the long run. 

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Believing that custom components are more expensive, add to lead-time and are just plain impractical is simply no longer the case. New technologies, new materials, process improvements and manufacturing efficiencies can produce a better solution than using standard options.  

We found a great article by Eric Leclair of Vicone that explains many of these arguments well.

Many labeling, gasket, overlays and nameplate products no longer require expensive tooling.  Material availability, process efficiency and ISO standards combine to shorten your lead-times of custom products or components to similar standards you expect from stock components and parts.

Save Labor, Reduce Scrap and Manage Inconsistencies for More Profit with Custom Die Cut Components

Companies need to be more efficient, employees are being asked to do more and more. Larger corporations are even hiring Cost Analysis Engineers to see where and how they can save money in their production and manufacturing processes.

How can this be achieved?  Custom die cuts, instead of standard roll materials that need to be hand trimmed to fit your application is an easy project to get started.

  • Let us be efficient for you, let us cut your labor costs. The time that employee used to spend hand cutting the product to fit your machine can now be spent working on other more productive projects.
  • Not sure how much each part is actually costing you because of inconsistent scrap rates, time management and processes. Custom die cutting solves all of that. We know how to eliminate most of the scrap and do it so it saves our customer money.
  • Now you know exactly how much each component of your machine is actually costing you, giving you the knowledge to accurately price your machine and be more profitable.

Custom Orders are Our Standard

Start with a call that will help our sales and engineering staff understand your challenges and application and we’ll combine our materials, process and equipment options to give you choices in your parts sourcing.  We want you to consider SCN Inc. to be your strategic partner not just your supplier.

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