Create a Differentiating Brand Experience with Domed Labels

April 28, 2014 at 8:43 AM

Domed Labels are known by many names

Doming or domed labels have many names – doming tags, domed badges, 3D labels and two step epoxy resin coated decals are just a few ways these durable labels are described. 

SCN has been producing domed labels for over 15 years now.  We have remained a leader in the technology and can demonstrate capabilities across many specialty needs like doming on aluminum nameplates, domed labels with injection molded inserts, laser etched domed labels and many more options.

Pick a substrate; pressure sensitive labels, aluminum,  polyester, vinyl, metal and apply a poly resin coating to the label’s top and you have a robust 3D label that resists scratching, peeling and fading.


In a hurry for your shipment?  Our UV curing process shortens the 8-12 hours it typically takes for the polyurethane resin to cure down to 2-3 hours.

Use doming technology to create a memorable brand label

Branding and identifying your product with a label is an opportunity to create a memorable impression.  Adding unique features to your label or nameplate like inserts, tactile options, creative shapes and perhaps unexpected substrates makes for a durable and unforgettable product.  Isn’t this the ideal effect to capture attention?

A favorite domed label project

Senior Project Manager, James Havill recalls one his project favorites that used the doming equipment to produce a label, not for brand recognition but to add to equipment functionality.

“A client contacted me with a unique doming applications request. They manufacture camera systems for law enforcement vehicles. Their challenge was to give their interior camera control panel a tactical feel. 

Law enforcement does not want their interiors lit, which deters from their vision of the exterior environment at night. Having an interior light also makes them more visible and outs them in danger during a traffic stop. 

Their equipment panel had arrows for zoom in and out, along with pan left and right arrows. 

Our solution was to dome the arrows to allow the control buttons to be felt in the dark or without looking at the control panel even during the day. 

The manufacturer gained the market edge without changing their overall design. The domed button option was much less expensive than formed silicon buttons and allowed them to utilize their proximity sensors through the domed areas. Between the reduced piece price and no extra tooling, it was a homerun for them.“ 

Our sales and project management staff are ready for your inquiries and challenges.  We are looking forward to making your labeling, branding or project experience another SCN homerun

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