Consider Precision Die Cutting for Your Manufacturing Needs

February 12, 2014 at 9:07 AM

Saving on costs, whether related to materials or labor, can add a significant amount to your bottom line.  These days there are many competing costs eating away at your margins.  Taking a look at material replacements and the methods of manufacturing can be a great place to start.

Replacing existing parts with die cut parts

Take our lawn tractor manufacturer looking to replace the foot pads under drivers’ feet. Wanting to move away from an expensive rubber part to a die cut slip resistant matting, our engineers got to work on some samples and prototypes for the customer.

  • The goals were laid out:  cost reduction, aesthetically pleasing, safe for the customer and available with a quicker lead time than the old rubber parts.
  • We created a steel rule die, some refer to this method as cookie cutter, for properly reproducing the parts.  The no slip product was made of a soft web material - not requiring a solid hardened tool die.  Steel rule dies are lower in cost than hardened tool dies.
  • Mission accomplished.  Cost savings were just the beginning.  Turnaround times are much improved for the parts, there is less waste and greater uniformity of the production pieces.

Steel rule die cutting

Steel rule die cutting is a common process used to cut a range of sheet materials. The top portion is the hardened steel cutting edge that fits into a wooden board with matching grooves.  The material is inserted in between, cut and ejected with the assistance of a rubber pad.

This is a relatively inexpensive and effective way of cutting soft sheet goods.

This particular slip resistant application can be used for decks, trailers and construction equipment.  Stairs, treads and sports equipment have custom dimensions that can easily benefit from die cut materials.  Where traction is required this type of application is a great consideration.

Cost savings with die cutting in the appliance industry

Die cutting is certainly not limited to skid or slip resistant materials by any means.  An appliance manufacturer found savings by replacing their manual, one-at-time cutting method for foam tape application on oven doors.  By specifying a specific length for the foam, precision die cuts produced product that could be applied with less product waste, more quickly and more uniformly.  Better quality for the customer to boot.

SCN Inc. manufactures die cut parts for the industrial, automotive, medical, electronic and commercial markets.  We offer many solutions to your die cutting and converting needs. SCN has hundreds of options of materials, processes or applications to make your product unique.   

Wondering if die cutting is an option for you?  Leave a comment below.


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