NFC Tags/Labels

NFC or Near Field Communication is the transferring of data between two NFC enabled devices utilizing chips embedded into a tag/label that is inside the devices. The chip is powered by being near a device that has a battery so it does not need any powering of its own. The tag sends out low frequency communications that can evoke any number of different commands from launching an app or website, a phone number, or possibly look up nutritional values from a restaurant’s menu. Currently the maximum number of characters are limited to approximately 137 characters. The process itself is very similar to RFID which made a huge impact on how businesses operate with large vendors, the main differences are NFC tags are only usable within a short distance and you do not need a sophisticated device to read a NFC tag, there are many phones and tablets that are already capable of reading them. Predictions are that most if not all smart phones and tablets will have NFC capabilities in the coming years.

NFC tags have unlimited capabilities and with SCN on the forefront of this technology, our customers will have access to many different options, from NFC tags that are hidden within the controls of a device, to domed beauty labels that have NFC capabilities hidden beneath. As the technology changes in this market or any market, SCN commits itself to being knowledgeable for our customers so we can offer them anything they might be inquiring about.

The technology behind NFC labels is moving rapidly, almost too fast to keep our website updated with all of the different ideas, forms, antenna sizes, enabled devices etc. If you have any questions, please call and SCN can offer you the solutions you need for your exciting adventure into the NFC market.


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