Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen Printing is the process of forcing ink through a stretched mesh (screen) which is stretched to a specific tension across a frame to allow consistent printing and registration. Screen printing requires negatives or positives that are transposed using an exposure light which is transferred to the stretched mesh (screen). Once this screen is set up utilizing registration marks a squeegee forces the ink through tiny holes in the mesh which when stitched together, produce the image previously transposed onto the screen. If you were to look at a screen printed part through a loupe or magnifying glass, you would notice what is referred to as a “saw tooth edge” to each printed area. This is created because of the inter-weaved mesh design.

SCN utilizes only the best technology available in all of our processes. We only utilize UV cured inks which are not only better for the environment but also allow for easier and faster clean ups, this helps us to setup and transfer between jobs very quickly and efficiently. We have partnerships with key silkscreen supply companies and this allows us to hear all of the latest news and information regarding the screen industry. We do all ink matches in house so you are never limited to “stock” colors.

SCN has over 5 silkscreen presses that range from several single colors presses, a 5 color inline, to a 1 color auto sheet fed press. Each of these presses are unique and can accommodate any variety of silkscreen produced parts. These presses allow for small run-large run orders and allow for fast turnaround times as we are not having to wait for a job to finish in order to set up and start on the next job.

To find out more about our screen printing capabilities or the silkscreen process or any other processes at SCN, please visit our contact us page.