Metalphoto Process for Tags and Labels

Metalphoto is a photosensitive anodized aluminum. It is the best option when you need a durable label, nameplate, equipment panel etc.. It offers extreme durability in harsh environments and can withstand anything you can throw at it from chemicals, heat, abrasion, salt spray and UV exposure to name a few. It meets many chemical, government and military specifications including MIL-STD-130N for Dept of Defense UID data matrix bar code applications. Metalphoto is a much more green (planet friendly) process then some of the other durable label products like acid etched parts. If you are in need of a cost effective durable "forever label/nameplate" then Metalphoto is what you need with 50+ years of harsh environment indoor/outdoor durability.

The Metalphoto process begins with the artwork, we produce a negative or positive just like we would for our silkscreen or flexographic printing processes, however this film is placed directly onto the photosensitive anodized aluminum substrate and exposed to extreme UV light, very similar to producing a screen for silkscreen printing however the material is what is exposed in this process. That silver halide image is now embedded within the sapphire-hard, anodic layer of the aluminum, the product is then sealed in a special process which is what gives the product its long lasting durability.


SCN offers a broad range of Metalphoto or photosensitive anodized aluminum labels/nameplates. With 4 different finishes (matte, satin, brushed and satin) and varying thickness gauges. SCN also has the ability to add color to your product, while most other vendors can only produce a black and silver part, we can add any number of colors you need or want with the combination of our UV flat bed digital printing press. See more of our product options on UID Labels and Tags.

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