Laser Die Cutting



Our laser die cutter is state of the art technology. It utilizes a sealed CO2 laser, servos and galvos that creates a laser beam that vaporizes the material. This eliminates hand labor and other complicated extraction methods needed for small part scrap removal. We like to refer to laser die cutting as "digital die cutting" which relates it to some of our newer technologies in the printing industry, digital printing vs. traditional print methods. It can also be referred to as "tool-less die cutting" which is self explanatory.

Our laser is unique in the fact that it has the capabilities to cut roll to roll stock and sheet fed stock. This fits our business profile perfectly considering we print roll to roll stock (flexography, digital) and sheet stock (silkscreen, digital). This was specifically engineered for us per our request by Spartanics, who is still leading the industry in the only known sheet fed and hybrid lasers. It also has the capability to kiss cut, through cut, perforate, consecutive number etc.. Laser die cutting is approximately 80% faster on average than traditional die cutting which means, reduced costs, faster turnaround times and happier customers.


Some of the benefits of laser die cutting to our customers include; no die charges, easy art changes, little to no maintenance charges, faster turnaround times, prototypes or sampling without committing to a tool charge, flexibility in more complex die cut geometries and increased precise cuts.

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