Flexographic Printing

Flexography printing (often abbreviated as flexo) is a form of printing which utilizes a flexible rubber plate. The image is burned into this rubber plate utilizing a negative and light exposure machine. Once the plate is produced, it is then wrapped around cylinders and placed into the flexo press. These plate wrapped cylinders will then pick up the ink using an anilox and will transfer the ink to your flexible substrate which can be a wide range of many materials (vinyl, polyester, polystyrene, paper etc.).

Flexo printing is typically suited for high volume low cost labels but as SCN does with each and every department and process, we constantly evaluate ourselves so we can come up with innovative ideas and products using current technology and machinery. We produce a wide range of parts from low volumes to volumes topping several million labels per run.

SCN has 3 flexo presses that range from 5-7 colors and up to 10” wide rolls. We can also serialize, print on both sides of the substrate, sheet from rolls to sheets, over laminate, UV print and more! SCN utilizes mostly water based inks for the flexographic process and this accounts for easier cleanup and cheaper prices for the consumer. All of our ink matches are produced in house so you will not get stuck with only “stocked” colors.


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