Converting/Die Cutting

SCN offers many solutions to your die cutting and converting needs. We have 15 die cutting stations that range from simple machines to die cut flexible vinyls and polyesters to 150 ton punch presses that will cut .125 aluminum. We also have several slitting stations that convert materials from master log rolls into slit rolls that can be utilized by the OEM or end user. Our newest addition to die cutting and converting is our laser die cutter which essentially uses a laser beam to cut the materials that you would usually cut utilizing a steel rule die. This process cuts the geometry based on an art file created by the customer or ourselves. This eliminates sometimes expensive tool costs and longer lead times.

Die cutting or converting refers to the cutting of raw materials into finished goods whether it be for gaskets, spacers, logoed materials that also serve a functional value, labels, nameplates etc.. The range of materials SCN can die cut and convert is limitless based on the machinery at hand. Let SCN be your one stop shop for all of your converting needs.

To find out more about converting and die cutting or any other processes at SCN, please visit our contact us page.