Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen Printing uses a mesh or screen stretched across a frame. Squeegees force ink through holes in the mesh formed by light sensitive emulsions. UV light cures the color.

Flexography Printing

Flexography printing is printing that utilizes flexible rubber plates, wrapped around cylinders. Ink is transferred from an anilox, to the rubber plate and on to the substrate. After curing the inks, the adding of overlaminate, die cutting, slitting, consecutive numbers can all be done on a flexographic printing press.

Digital Printing

Digital printing utilizes RIP software that transfers data from a art file to the RIP software and then to the printer. Digital printing has multiple processes, printer styles and ink choices.

Laser Die Cutting

Laser Die Cutting is the use of a laser beam to die cut substrates. The beam is reflected across mirrors using servos and galvos in order to direct the beam onto the correct X and Y paths. Laser Die Cutting utilizes CAD based art programs to transfer the cut paths to the laser which is ran through software that transfers the information into data for the laser components to recognize.


Doming involves dispensing two separate chemicals that once mixed, create a solution that will dry over a kiss cut label and create a "domed" effect. This processes utilizes special machinery that disperses and mixes the chemicals through pumps at an optimum flow rate in order to get a perfect mixture between chemicals.


MetalPhoto process utilizes photosensitive anodized aluminum that when exposed to light embeds an image into the pre-coated aluminums. Once this image is embedded, it is sealed and finished for extreme durability.

Converting/Die Cutting

Converting and Die Cutting consists of the conversion of any raw material into a finished good that can be utilized in a more efficient manner than just a raw material by itself. This process can utilize dies, slitting machines and an unlimited number of materials.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding utilizes special dies that are created in order to inject plastics into the molds, once cooled, the parts are released and finished coloring, hot stamping, adhesive etc.

Offset Printing

Offset Printing is a process that could help you print brochures, flyers, and more. Offset Printing can help you with your campaign or with getting exposure.